Veggie Pasta

I’ve waited on getting a veggie pasta maker for awhile because I thought to myself I could just use a carrot peeler. Unfortunately for my wallet, but fortunately for my belly Ollie’s Market had one for 5.00 something with tax.


This made me do a Happy dance because I love pasta. Due to IBS and gluten intolerance, I can’t enjoy pasta without bloating & getting sick. After I got my pasta maker, I took hubby to the grocery store to pick up zucchini, cucumbers, olives and Italian salad dressing. After messing with the length and size of noodles I put together this awesome pasta!


If you like a little Crunch to your salad, we love Synders pretzels at our home.


These buttermilk ranch pretzels were on sale at Ollie’s for 1.89 a bag!

Italian Pasta Salad
1 Zucchini
2 Cucumbers
1 Carrot
A squeeze of Italian dressing
1 container black olives

Cut, Toss, Mix and Serve Cool

Give me some ideas on what you do with Pasta! I used left over organic veggies and chicken and gave my puppies an afternoon small snack(without pretzels, olives and dressing).
Padfoot and KyloRen ate it up! Yum!


Butt Trumpets and bandanas! 4-17-15 on YouTube

I’d also like to thank YoYoMax12 on youtube!

Rainbow Jello sugar cookies!

Amir has gotten into chess lately and we bought Mario Checkers (cause cheaper) and we had a lot of fun! Last night, we watched a cartoon and his original question was “Can your butt make you vomit?”

However when I filmed him the question changed….

We went to Petco and refilled my mum’s litter box and we tried to hurry cause we all felt weird. Nothing like scooping cat litter in public to humble yourself.

The night ended in smoothies and very intense checkers. We had a good week 🙂