Veggie Pasta

I’ve waited on getting a veggie pasta maker for awhile because I thought to myself I could just use a carrot peeler. Unfortunately for my wallet, but fortunately for my belly Ollie’s Market had one for 5.00 something with tax.


This made me do a Happy dance because I love pasta. Due to IBS and gluten intolerance, I can’t enjoy pasta without bloating & getting sick. After I got my pasta maker, I took hubby to the grocery store to pick up zucchini, cucumbers, olives and Italian salad dressing. After messing with the length and size of noodles I put together this awesome pasta!


If you like a little Crunch to your salad, we love Synders pretzels at our home.


These buttermilk ranch pretzels were on sale at Ollie’s for 1.89 a bag!

Italian Pasta Salad
1 Zucchini
2 Cucumbers
1 Carrot
A squeeze of Italian dressing
1 container black olives

Cut, Toss, Mix and Serve Cool

Give me some ideas on what you do with Pasta! I used left over organic veggies and chicken and gave my puppies an afternoon small snack(without pretzels, olives and dressing).
Padfoot and KyloRen ate it up! Yum!


Meat free Soup kitchen


1 bag  meat substitute ( I used Boca crumbs)
1 can steamed tomatoes
1 can tomato soup
1 can black beans
1 can kidney beans red
1 ounce spinach
1 veggie cube seasoning
Season all of choice
( I used garlic, onion and lemon pepper)

Throw in a pot, bring to boil and set on low until all the hungry monsters are full.
🙂 enjoy

Toghetti and Cake Cookies

I made tofu ghetti for lunch because we stayed awhile after church today.
When I was cutting the package of tofu I realized I had bought already cubed tofu.
God is good cause that freed up about 5 minutes of my time.
I used
1tsb garlic,
1 tsp complete seasoning,
a local three beer bbq rub
1tsp tumeric
to shake the cubes


Mmmmm yummy! Lol I can understand if you say “nope!” however for a fast paced family who does not have time to make chicken and fish… Good fried tofu is your friend!
I used a butter substitute this time for frying the tofu. They came out more crisp, so don’t use as high of a heat as you would with coconut oil!

After heating up the tofu noodles I drained the water, mixed in the cooked tofu and added a nice tomato sauce.


We are pleased bellies. 😊

Do you buy cubed tofu? What do you do with it?

Check this out!

One Pan Mexican Quinoa – Wonderfully light, healthy and nutritious. And it’s so easy to make – even … –

I omitted some things like some spices an oils to make it choice friendly for my son. I added mushrooms in place of avacodo an added chickpeas. I added Chicken an seasoned with complete seasoning and Cumin. 🙂 it can have the chicken ommited and be a completely vegan meal.

Went to the zoo

With doctor appts looking over our heads and the start of home school feeling right around the corner I wanted Amir to have new experiences this summer. I want him to be able to say “my mom, step dad an I did great things, an I learned.” I like his excitement for learning. His love of life and going places, he is my inspiration. I am glad my fiance is in my life because he truly makes life easier. Im less fearful of the future and have peaceful “NOW” moments. He’s been a teacher to me, hopefully he knows that.
I hope you like the video!

Healthy eats … Kinda

I decided to attempt frying tofu again, an because I wasn’t 100% willing to go with coconut oil, I used EVOO. That’s right, extra virgin olive oil an I burnt the bloody shoes off myself. I might buy coconut oil and try again another time.


My first two pieces ended up less than glorious, due to impatience an a horrible “non stick” pan.


Seasoning was on point thanks to some local 3 Beer and BBQ Rub and my favorite hot sauce Tapatio


Second time around, tofu was okie dokie.


The last time around I got Serious, cause I decided to do this at 11pm and for a whole block of tofu, thats dumb -.-


At 11:30 pm I gave birth to my first Crispy fried tofu. I feel like a genius, but Youtubes
VEGANZOMBIE  gave me most of the tips. I am glad I successfully fried tofu and can knock that off my bucket list an add it on to my dinner lists. I also looked for a Probiotic drink to help ease my stomach into the craziness of dinner.


Kevitas “lime mint coconut mojito” eased up some stress my stomach was feeling. While im not fond of most probiotic drinks, this one would have been much better on ice than straight from store fridge. The apple cider vinegar reminded my fiance of Mayo. I still don’t understand, however it was good enough that I’m curious about other flavors from this company. 🙂

Tell me, are you vegan? Do you know of good vegan seasoning? What’s your favorite way to do tofu?