We have been crazy busy.  My son turned 8 on Saturday so I took him to Lego discovery and to the movies. I wish I had pictures but my phone crashed.  Now I’m on my previous phone and besides the huge size difference I really missed my note 4. We had a great time celebrating my little man,  I love him so much. He’s not a tiny baby anymore, but I’m glad he still wants to be around his mama. He made me cry because he said his best gift was a book I got him,qnd he could’ve said anything else. Kid has my heart.
     We went to tractor supply because going anywhere else for dog bones now just seems stupid. We got 4 huge bones (some for Christmas) for really cheap. When I say cheap,  I mean 10.00 usd. Crazy right?  Sorry Petco, Tractor Supply wins here. Padfoot and KyloRen are extremely happy with their L bones and have been pretty good and not trying to kill each other.

As for my love, he has been more help than I can put into words. He says I helped him put his life together, but he really keeps me together. I feel so bad when my migraines keep me in bed or my stomach keeps me locked away in a bathroom. This man has truly been a blessing to me, more than I let on sometimes. God has truly changed his life an I’m grateful.

I am doing okay, my son an I were down today with head colds and slept a lot. Which is why I am up at 2 am. Lol lol lol
I hope it gets better for Amir because our Florida trip is coming up soon an I know he’s excited to see his sister.

How are your holidays? How do you like to travel?


It’s December

It’s my second Christmas with my spouse, my first married. We have been thru it in the past year, but slowly things are coming together. Where were we Thanksgiving? Dog sitting some rather large doggies!


Aren’t they beautiful?  I wish their parents would ask me to walk them once a week, but their parents are pretty active folks. I love these dogs almost as much as KyloRen and Padfoot Black.

Speaking of KyloRen…
He decided to take a picture for the holidays!


KyloRen Santa edition! It’s so funny how fast he’s grown…. Time flies when your pup is having fun.

My son is turning eight next week so I plan on doing a lot of photo blogging. (Making Memories!) My niece will be two. I can’t believe it still! All my babies are moving too fast for this mama.
    I haven’t been able to Vape much due to being sick. (Got to love retail) an I can’t take a lot of cold medication because my liver is not up to snuff. 😦 I pray it passes soon.

How will your months be busy? Do you have a holiday tradition?


This is Link. He’s my miracle doggie, he got bloat one day and his grandma saved his life by noticing the small changes in his behavior. Thanks to her observance Link’s parents have had him 8 years. If you have a large dog ask your veterinary professional if you need to look into bloat prevention. It can save their lives!

25 things to do before I’m 50

1. Get a job at a coffee shop…. I love coffee. Preferably fair trade an independently owned

2. Take the kids to a farm and have them help for a day

3. Go to Alaska with family

4. Make 25 skirts, donate old ones

5. Go to Washington D.C. With the kids

6. Spend a week in New Orleans

7. Go to a food kitchen for the homeless on a major holiday, volunteer with the my son

8. Go to Disney Land or Disney world

9. Go to Texas with Amir and family

10. Get a few more piercings in my ears

11. Adopt (maybe)

12. Volunteer or start an Animal Rescue

13. Drink all the teas (as long as Durian isn’t involved)

14. Own a Ice Cream Sandwich pillow

15. Go bungee jumping at a theme park

16. Go camping and fishing every summer with my son

17. Eat more foreign food, share with a friend

18. Learn to Surf (preferably with the kids and husband)

19. Get a home

20. Open an art store that sells fair trade coffee

21. Get a Scion XB

22. Drink coconut milk/water from Coconut

23. Volunteer more

24. Get more boots, donate old shoes

25. Be happy with or without accomplishing goals