A lot of my issues stem from trust problems. I can’t blame any one particular spot in my life, because my gullibility was taken advantage of frequently. I let these processes dull my senses, I made excuses to not confront feelings or hurt or betrayal. In hindsight I think I believed “If I convince my self that I am the negative people say, it can no longer hurt me.”

It’s really, really hard to get back up if you let everyone label you. You know who you are,an if you are not bonded by a God by religion, think back on childhood. Child like faith that you maybe had in an idol, or sport or person, GIVE IT BACK TO YOURSELF. As much as I am compelled to ask you, find a good nondenominational church, I am just as much compelled to ask you to believe in LIFE.


When I let go of stigma, I allowed myself to love and trust again. I am with my soul mate because I took back and owned my faith in love.

Anyone can say whatever they want about you, but YOU WAKE UP TO YOU daily! You have a heart that defies gravity. The very act of your heartbeat is amazing. You are amazing!
If you’re selfish, or free lover! If you’re a grade A student or a hard worker! If you’re inventive or you go with the flow!

Each an every person is so unique and getting up every day, is a little gift you give yourself.
Don’t give your gift away, look at yourself, and say
HELLO Miracle!”


Give Day Tres

I often don’t like fear mongering blogs. I don’t like the moms posting “oh if my kid had sex before marriage, I would cave in and just die.” I don’t like the dad posts of
“Date my daughter and met my wrath.” The truth is I was not an “innocent” preteen or teenage.

Growing up close to the Atlanta airport I was exposed to a surplus of men who did not care that I was someone’s daughter, sister or friend. I was a victim of rape in high school an it was a large part of why I gave up. I feared men, I feared Caucasian men. I never told anyone, an I continued to fly under the radar struggling with alcohol addiction an anorexia nervosa. 
I was 14.

Let’s be honest, it happens. We need to nurture the people who believe this is the norm. It’s not, an nobody is expected to “Keep Quiet.” Or “Follow in Daddy/uncle/brother’s footsteps.”

I met Leroy Lemar when taking a small apologetics course at my church. We became friends and His wife Janelle and him have been mentors. Atlanta is one of the largest cities for Sex Trafficking. Their hearts are in helping both parties. At the root, we are all people and we all deserve to know Merciful, Grace filled LOVE.

I invite you to their site
Serenity’s Steps

Their journey is walked thru on twitter, on Facebook and on the site. Help someone believe in people again. Help someone believe in themselves again. Help find Faith, Hope, and Love.