Easy Cheesein’ Ham

I would like to thank everyone who participated, thought deeply and gave input on the month of give posts. I’m grateful for everyone who is following along in my growth with my family.

I decided to share a Mac N Cheese recipe.

Cheesein’ Ham
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup 1/2 cheese of choice
(I used Veggie Out cheese and sharp cheddar)
One an half cups Gluten free mac n cheese noodles

I boiled the noodles with salt (I like pink salt, but how you get salty is your choice. I also brought the coconut milk an cheese to a boil together.

While the noodles were being stirred by my permanent life partner, I whisked the milk and cheese together until when I pulled up on the whisk an it was a little string cheesey. Once the noodles were drained, hubby chopped left over ham. I add that to the noodles in the warm pot and whisked the cheese mix in with noodles and ham.

You can switch this up, make it vegan, make it more meaty. You do you, just enjoy your simple mac n cheese.


😋 yum..


Scare Crow Poo Recipe


It will take:
6 cups Chex type cereal (I prefer gluten free, but do what you do!)
1 Cup Nut or Seed butter (wherever your diet takes you, you could also use a paste type Jelly)
1tbspn. Nutmeg
1 & 1/4 powdered Sugar
3 TBSP. Butter or Alternative
1 cup chocolate chips
(I prefer dark, but if it melts and is sweet, use it)
1/4 cup dried dates
1/4 cup Marshmallows

Measure out your cereal and put in a gallon bag, add the cinnamon and nutmeg and shake it like a picture that needs shaking!
Melt the butter, chocolate and peanut butter until smooth and liquid like.
Pour that melted stuff in with your cereal and Shake It, Shake It, Shake It now!
Stop! Wait a minute!
Slowly add some of the powdered sugar, and Shake softly, add a little more,shake it!
More, More, More! And Shake It good!
When it starts to look like bird poop in there and it’s cooled down, add your dry fruit and Marshmallows.
Shake it up Again!
Pour it out on a cookie sheet and separate into small snack bags or put it in your party bowl.
Or eat from a bag while watching a RomCom and Chilling, YOU DO YOU!


Enjoy the ScareCrow Poo.

Crock-Pot Swamp Slop

I decided to do my jambalaya in a crock-pot with a more soupy gumbo kick to it.
I used these things:

2tbsp. Seafood lemon seasoning
2tbspn. New Orleans Creole seasoning
One hillshire farms Sausage
Canned Chicken
One Package frozen Shrimp Med.
Mixed Rice-Zatarans Jambalaya
Black beans
Canned Tomatoes & Cilantro
One green tomato
One Sweet tomato
Package of Snack Carrots
(Two Tbsp.Mayo is Optional)
(In crockpot on high for two and a half hours)

I sliced the Polish Sausage into slices and layered the carrots and green tomato slices alternatively with the Sausage slices.
I added the Zatarans Ready rice for jambalaya
And layered the canned chicken, canned tomatoes and black beans on top of that.
While this was happening in the crockpot, my awesome husband was peeling frozen Shrimp to be flash boiled in New Orleans Creole seasoning water.
Once the shrimp were all pink and floating to the top I added them an a cup of the hot water into the crock pot with the other ingredients.
    I tried some of the mixture an it was a little too spicy for my son, so I added 2 tablespoons mayo to calm down the spice and really bring out the meat and beans.
New Orleans style meals can provide two to four small meals throughout the week for small house holds.
I hope you like it if you try it and know that vegan alternatives from everything on this list can be found at most major grocery store.


Serve an enjoy 🙂

Meat free Soup kitchen


1 bag  meat substitute ( I used Boca crumbs)
1 can steamed tomatoes
1 can tomato soup
1 can black beans
1 can kidney beans red
1 ounce spinach
1 veggie cube seasoning
Season all of choice
( I used garlic, onion and lemon pepper)

Throw in a pot, bring to boil and set on low until all the hungry monsters are full.
🙂 enjoy

Poutine gravy recipe.”

I used a can of cream and mushroom soup for a base because I’ve never done gravy before.
I used the seasoning in the picture an it was all ready with a bag of frozen fries in about 30 minutes.


I also used Colby Jack cheese cause that’s what we had.
🙂 I might

do it by the book next time.


Betty Crocker also came thru on the rainbow chip frosting again an I got to make awesome cupcakes with the fam.

Green Tea Avacido


Green Tea & Avocado frapn.

2 Hass Avocado
1 can coconut milk
Ice cubes
Condensed Milk
Two packets of matcha green tea powder

Blend till density is to your liking. I added regular milk to my son’s so he could drink it out of his travel mug easier. This tends to be a thicker shake and very filling. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

Snazzy Atl

Snazzy Atlanta: http://youtu.be/CJEUonssI-Q

We walked around Atlanta because we were two hours early for meeting with a Yogi at Kashi Atlanta. We are awesome sandwiches at Chandler market, and saw an awesome living space. We met a beautiful blue eyed baby named Soul and her baby sitter. I really liked the area, I have always loved the idea of community living houses, maybe one day….I’m a huge hippie at heart.

When we picked up my son, I wish I had the camera rolling. We were driving, Amir saw a Nissan Cube an he said “look, that car is so cute! So cute, it’ll probably be the first car I buy myself.” (He’s 7, with goals!)
  I said “it’s a cube baby.” And we pull up closer to the car and he says “Look! LOOK AT IT! , THAT’S SNAZZY!”
I love his little creative mind 🙂 it’s always going. New words & phrases every day!

Tonight I made a Sandwich, with Atlanta’s Own Delia’s Comeback Sauce.


Delia’s Comeback Sauce
Bacon Spam 1 can
1 can Refried vegetarian beans
Yellow Squash 2 cut up
Olive oil
1 egg

Fried in a pan and served on toast in whatever order you’d like. Sounds gross, but tastes AWESOME. If your Atlanta native, try my Bottom of the Fridge Sandwich at home 🙂

Hope you are all well!
Blessed Be! Namaste!