Truth is

Tomorrow I go to get blood drawn to see what’s going on with my thyroid an if I am considered diabetic. I pray and hope that’s not the case, but I also know over the years I should have paid attention to health. We get wrapped up in trying to keep up with others we forget to keep ourselves whole.

I’ve lost my mind and my muchness as the mad hatter would say. Trying to give my son a “family” make sure he wasn’t in a bad public education setting and trying to keep up with what people said “I should provide for him as a parent.”
Forgetting to keep in mind my health has been pretty close to horrible after my cancer diagnosis. Surgeries and hospital visits…

I was so wrapped up in my son doing activities and keeping up with other people’s parenting. I have completely forgotten that he needs and wants me around. That he is happy with how his life is and he hates that I get upset when someone or something makes me feel bad as a parent.

I am going to be more proactive this year in preventive care. I may go back to an obgyn  (not sure I’m ready for that yet) . I know I need to be there for him, because I love him, and he’s my soul purpose to not giving up.

Forget keeping up with the Jones, I need to keep up with me and mine.


Medical Stuff

I still have to have an endoscopy done to make sure no damage is being done or has been done to my stomach, esophagus etc. The co-pay is 100.00
People with on going medical conditions really have to fork it out. Cancer an other illnesses don’t end at remission.

    There’s preventive care. I feel extreme sadness an I understand the feeling of hopelessness for people like me who couldn’t afford follow up care for awhile an I won’t once again after I lose insurance. I feel even worse for people that struggle to pay for treatment. I pray some day the cost of medical treatment and what people can afford balances out. 

Just something I’ve been thinking about. I understand doctors and nurses and medical staff are extremely over worked. What the good ones do, is priceless. I don’t discredit the medical field at all, my mom is a nurse. I couldn’t have made it without her and God’s mercy.

Luke 15