What my fasting has taught me

1. I have horrible vocabulary struggles. I know better.

2. I was made to believe in my abilities thru God. I should pray more

3. Pray more

4. Use discernment when it comes to people,trips,ideas.

5. Have Crazy faith

6. Do, even when you just feel like sleeping in

7. Rest

8. Read scripture more

9. Have time to yourself

10. Go to see a doctor

How’s shaping your year? Tell me about it.


Fasting Day 4-Vegas City

I was recently presented with a chance to care for a young dog battling cancer. I can’t imagine what he’s feeling. If he understands how much his owners love him. I know when I went thru treatment, all I could think was “God what is this fresh hell.”
I haven’t met him and his sister yet. His parents say he’s full of love and loves to play. When I pray about it, sometimes I ask God, why can’t we as people have animal type faith. We moan and groan about so little. Here is this pup who has no idea why life has changed, but he still plays and runs around. I am excited to meet Vegas and his family. I am humbled by the chance.

Gratitude for life takes on a new meaning every day.

Fasting Day 3 Growth

I am hoping to  make a life in 2016 that I don’t want to vacation from. These plans including road trips,camping, more dog sits and all around getting to know each other better. People in families grow and change. Our wants and dreams are different. I think together doing things we’ve never done before will be a great experience.
       Fasting until 1 has been different. I pick the time as far as I can go that day with my stomach condition. I’m praying for guidance on what I am called to do. Everything tastes different. Always when I fast when I have something to eat, I am bodily reminded to be grateful. Many go without food or water to drink an I am reminded to not buy that candy bar or soda because I can’t have it. Many can’t have it any day and would rather replace it with something their whole family can have. I plan to give more this year.

I hope you all have a new year where some mornings you can look like this…


And find rest in your start.

Remember we think about and pray for all of our friends online! Let us know about your new adventures! We enjoy them.

Fighting with Flowers day 2 Fast

I want to direct the negativity that comes toward me from others with positivity. I want to stop it at the door and great it with love. I want true change this year, and with everything I feel needs to be done, I’m going to give praises for what’s present. If I feel depressed or defeated, I am going to spend more time with God.

2 Chronicles 2:20-22

Giving up the battles burdens and fighting with Love.

Day of Give(up something)23

Everyone has bad habits. From picking at nails, pulling on hair, to overly washing our hands. I guess I can say I’ve been guilty of all these things. I’ve also had bad habits that cost me a great deal of money and time. When I saw I was missing valuable time because of this, I gifted myself,giving up.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Do I need this?” Or “Does ____ help me grow?” Often if the answer is no, I know I need to cut it out. ✂

Having free time with family and being mission minded with them, is way more valuable than my bad habits ever were.

What are your bad habits? What helps you stop them? Take time to love yourself and say
“Not today.”

Month of Give Day 14

It is with a sad heart that I even have to make a post like this. Due to the events in Paris, France I am posting about how we can help. I don’t know if this speaks to anyone, but just from cancer treatment, I had to have a blood donation. I wouldn’t be alive if people didn’t take 30 minutes out of there day to donate blood. I am incredibly grateful. At times like this, Paris needs those people.

The International Federation of The Red Cross started in Paris. If you are interested in learning how to help, go
International Federation of The Red Cross  .

I hope everyone’s loved ones are safe. I hope following these events we all learn to hold people a little tighter when we give our good byes.

Dog Days of Fall

Hubby worked a staffing company last week so me and the boys (my son and the two pups) were on our own. They do not kid when they say Shihtzu are hard to train, but Kylo is only 10 weeks old. My son has been really great with both dogs and loves watching them play.

I believe Kylo has at least gained a pound an a half since he has been with us. He got medicine from the doctor man and the last dose of shots are in October. The new vet is really cool and couldn’t be closer to home. We can’t wait to go to dog parks and hope fall and winter are kind to us.


My son is doing better at school an enjoys reading now. I’m glad he has the option to get into books he wants to. I love home schooling.


I miss working, and hopefully find something to dig my heels in for night shifts full time. Pray, pray, pray! Trust, I’ve been applying!


Mission to Florida is still very real. Hubby turned 32 today an we all miss his daughter. That’s our goal, and we pray if its God’s will, He’s setting the path.

I hope everyone is great! What’s your favorite thing about fall? It’s our families birthday months!

Come as you are

The other day I drove around with my son to get errands done. We were listening to David Crowder and discussing Luke 15. My son said the song really touched his heart and he said “I think everyone feels that at some point, right mom?” I told him yes.
       As the song “Come as you are.” Played as we were driving around, I started crying. I haven’t pushed myself to be my best at anything, I struggle with feeling like I’m never enough to go around for the people I love. I struggle with depression from not seeing family in other states.

    I am sure I’m not the only person who has these struggles, but that didn’t comfort me. Resting and knowing I could lay it all down at the feet of Jesus. The humility of allowing yourself to feel something other than worry.
      At that moment I talked with my son, and he opened up to me, I felt like nothing else in the world was going on, except us praising God.

We must learn to praise even if all we feel is darkness. Let He who is Holy take your burdens. Come as you are, so He can show you how He loves you.

John 16:7 Till that day comes

Think about the amazing thing Jesus is asking us to do in this scripture?!? Asking us to not only turn to Him, but as the Body of Christ to be able to turn to One Another. Think about how much society in the last 15 years has helped us do the opposite.
Almost everything is self serving. When my husband once saw a servicing gas station he was shocked. He don’t know there was once a time, someone pumped gas for people.
      I am quick to always do things all on my own. I struggled with it so much, I had to have surgery to fix a stomach blockage. A stomach blockage made worse by a hernia I got from being so selfish I didn’t want to ask for help. In turn after the surgery, I needed help with almost everything. Asking my husband to do simple things all because I couldn’t, made me appreciate the gift of having him in my life. I look back on that and see where God was working with me to be humbled in that area of my life.

    When I think of needing, I think of my son. He is always asking questions and learning


There are times where I see him get frustrated with himself for not knowing automatically what to do. I know that public school an impatient society has put that burden on him. I always remind him to stop and pray. Breath and meditate on what God asks of us. I always think it’s beautiful when he reminds me God and what God wants for me too.
      He asks us to have child like faith. That includes communicating everything! You say “well, He’s God, He knows.” but He wants us to come broken and ready for His truth. To accept the bible and EVERYTHING He says about us in it.
    We the Body of Christ, thoroughly need each other to act out Jesus’s will. We honestly, truly can Pioneer together.

Medical Stuff

I still have to have an endoscopy done to make sure no damage is being done or has been done to my stomach, esophagus etc. The co-pay is 100.00
People with on going medical conditions really have to fork it out. Cancer an other illnesses don’t end at remission.

    There’s preventive care. I feel extreme sadness an I understand the feeling of hopelessness for people like me who couldn’t afford follow up care for awhile an I won’t once again after I lose insurance. I feel even worse for people that struggle to pay for treatment. I pray some day the cost of medical treatment and what people can afford balances out. 

Just something I’ve been thinking about. I understand doctors and nurses and medical staff are extremely over worked. What the good ones do, is priceless. I don’t discredit the medical field at all, my mom is a nurse. I couldn’t have made it without her and God’s mercy.

Luke 15