Fasting 5 & six-Faith or lack there of

Sometimes when faced with life’s challenges I think we stop midway and say, “God I can’t.”
    He knows these struggles, which is the reason why God said to Moses in Ezekiel,  “Tell them I AM sent you.” Exodus 3:14
    When Moses told God he alone wouldn’t be enough. Moses had so much going for him, in essence he was what we would call a powerful leader. He too, even felt down an out about his character.

   It takes enormous faith for some of us to get out of bed in the morning. To ignore all the Can’t, Couldn’t and Won’t. It’s good to look in our bibles and remind ourselves of God’s promises.
Isaiah 41:10


Pushing Boundaries

I think I speak for a lot of parents when I say, I struggle with the ideas of giving my child the strongest start. Am I doing it right? How can I do it better?

I believe it’d be crazy if I didn’t have these thoughts. We all want the best for our children, not just survival, but THRIVING. This is why I chose homeschool to start with. As a family I want us to be able to pray, eat, learn and serve God the way we feel called. I didn’t choose home school to shelter him (sometimes I wish I could) but for him to have the freedom out of a classroom.

I love that he is what some people would call nosey. I fear an adore how quick he is to want to connect with all types of people. As much as the time at home will help him focus, the freedom to travel and have experiences mean just as much in his development.

Tomorrow starts our first day of homeschooling. As much as he will benefit, I pray we as a family will grow as well.
Grow closer to God
And to serving His Church.