Day of Give 20

A friend of mine is a wonderful teacher. I met her at my retail job and her passion for teaching showed more than anything. I admire her love for kids. I wish she could adopt because I think she’ll be awesome mom. I am sure she is a mom to some of the people she teaches.

I wanted to share her Go Fund Me page. I know her heart is with her students.
Lets help end student homelessness. help Sam’s kids


Month of Give 18

Today I want to talk about giving to your journey. Our family has this huge piggy bank an we add change to it every chance we get. Who knows how much it will be in the end, but we plan on using it toward the family longevity. This is what irks me when I’m at work and people say
“Keep the change.”

Every cent counts, and the people you can bless are endless. I like saving and clipping because I like giving tangible gifts to friends and family. Even if its a ” I saw this and thought of you.” Charities that cross your path or friends in need. Gofundme has tons of people that could benefit from your extra five dollars in nickels.

Please think about this while you’re Christmas shopping this year. Every penny counts.

Month of Give day… 15

Kenya has had incidents over the last week too. If you don’t know, I invite you to look into deeper news stories. I agree the whole world needs prayer every day. It also needs actions, because words without action are meaningless.

   I believe education is important. The ability to read is the greatest blessing you can give someone. I also like eating. Can you not tell? Lol
There is a site where you can help the children of Kenya.
Kenya Kids Can

Children are not going to the be the future, they are the future, right now. Lets invest in them, right now.

Month of Give Day 14

It is with a sad heart that I even have to make a post like this. Due to the events in Paris, France I am posting about how we can help. I don’t know if this speaks to anyone, but just from cancer treatment, I had to have a blood donation. I wouldn’t be alive if people didn’t take 30 minutes out of there day to donate blood. I am incredibly grateful. At times like this, Paris needs those people.

The International Federation of The Red Cross started in Paris. If you are interested in learning how to help, go
International Federation of The Red Cross  .

I hope everyone’s loved ones are safe. I hope following these events we all learn to hold people a little tighter when we give our good byes.

Month of Give Day 10


Padfoot here! Today we celebrated my first birthday. I was almost surrendered to a pound. My mom was much too old to have a litter and my peoples didn’t want another dog. Luckily my mum and dad wanted me more than anything an I got a human brother, I love him.


I encourage you to look into pounds, rescues, etc and adopt a dog that needs a family. I even enjoy my fur bro


Give us Pound Puppies LOVE.
There is one of us for everybody, all we ask for is food in our bellies and warm arms got sleep in.
Want to help our American War Vets and their fur friends?
Dogs On Deployment

Thank you
❤ Padfoot Black