A lot of my issues stem from trust problems. I can’t blame any one particular spot in my life, because my gullibility was taken advantage of frequently. I let these processes dull my senses, I made excuses to not confront feelings or hurt or betrayal. In hindsight I think I believed “If I convince my self that I am the negative people say, it can no longer hurt me.”

It’s really, really hard to get back up if you let everyone label you. You know who you are,an if you are not bonded by a God by religion, think back on childhood. Child like faith that you maybe had in an idol, or sport or person, GIVE IT BACK TO YOURSELF. As much as I am compelled to ask you, find a good nondenominational church, I am just as much compelled to ask you to believe in LIFE.


When I let go of stigma, I allowed myself to love and trust again. I am with my soul mate because I took back and owned my faith in love.

Anyone can say whatever they want about you, but YOU WAKE UP TO YOU daily! You have a heart that defies gravity. The very act of your heartbeat is amazing. You are amazing!
If you’re selfish, or free lover! If you’re a grade A student or a hard worker! If you’re inventive or you go with the flow!

Each an every person is so unique and getting up every day, is a little gift you give yourself.
Don’t give your gift away, look at yourself, and say
HELLO Miracle!”


Fasting Day 3 Growth

I am hoping to  make a life in 2016 that I don’t want to vacation from. These plans including road trips,camping, more dog sits and all around getting to know each other better. People in families grow and change. Our wants and dreams are different. I think together doing things we’ve never done before will be a great experience.
       Fasting until 1 has been different. I pick the time as far as I can go that day with my stomach condition. I’m praying for guidance on what I am called to do. Everything tastes different. Always when I fast when I have something to eat, I am bodily reminded to be grateful. Many go without food or water to drink an I am reminded to not buy that candy bar or soda because I can’t have it. Many can’t have it any day and would rather replace it with something their whole family can have. I plan to give more this year.

I hope you all have a new year where some mornings you can look like this…


And find rest in your start.

Remember we think about and pray for all of our friends online! Let us know about your new adventures! We enjoy them.

Month of Give Day 13

I love water. I don’t feel thirst until my mouth and lips are dry. I am really caught up in taste for this reason. My favorite bottled water charity is Charity Water.  Go make a donation in honor of someone for Christmas!

My favorite water filter at home is Bobble . Up to 40gallons per filter, an its portability has made a lot of rest stops while traveling worth stopping. (I have an irrational fear of P.A.M ) I like all their options an I’m even kinda interested in their new coffee brewing system. My family members have all had their own and the filters are not overly pricey. Check bobble out at a store or the link above.

Think about how we just grab a drink and take advantage of the fact we can? Remember not everyone has the same luxury. I hope you have a great day and give LIFE on this month of GIVE day.

Month of Give Day Dos

I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart organ, COFFEE. I drink it almost every day an I’ve had it in almost every way but upside down (I’m trying to find the right cup.) What’s missing from main stream coffee companies is fair trade. Many farmers families go without due to unfair payments for their labor. These family do not have half of the luxury we take advantage of every day.

    I heard of the local coffee shop Queen Bee Coffee  when I was in a job search.


I read about what they were doing with their independent business an it made my heart smile. Not only were they brave enough to compete with big name companies, but they wanted to give. I don’t know, if you know, but BUSINESSES are expensive! They put quality, faith and trust in their farmers, their roasting and their brews.

It takes big faith, grace and a lot of prayer to do what they’re doing. If you want to have an eye opening cup of Joe and put your money where is GROWS
Follow this Queen Bee Coffee Company

And let the familia know you appreciate their small business.