Easy Cheesein’ Ham

I would like to thank everyone who participated, thought deeply and gave input on the month of give posts. I’m grateful for everyone who is following along in my growth with my family.

I decided to share a Mac N Cheese recipe.

Cheesein’ Ham
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup 1/2 cheese of choice
(I used Veggie Out cheese and sharp cheddar)
One an half cups Gluten free mac n cheese noodles

I boiled the noodles with salt (I like pink salt, but how you get salty is your choice. I also brought the coconut milk an cheese to a boil together.

While the noodles were being stirred by my permanent life partner, I whisked the milk and cheese together until when I pulled up on the whisk an it was a little string cheesey. Once the noodles were drained, hubby chopped left over ham. I add that to the noodles in the warm pot and whisked the cheese mix in with noodles and ham.

You can switch this up, make it vegan, make it more meaty. You do you, just enjoy your simple mac n cheese.


😋 yum..