What my fasting has taught me

1. I have horrible vocabulary struggles. I know better.

2. I was made to believe in my abilities thru God. I should pray more

3. Pray more

4. Use discernment when it comes to people,trips,ideas.

5. Have Crazy faith

6. Do, even when you just feel like sleeping in

7. Rest

8. Read scripture more

9. Have time to yourself

10. Go to see a doctor

How’s shaping your year? Tell me about it.


Fasting 5 & six-Faith or lack there of

Sometimes when faced with life’s challenges I think we stop midway and say, “God I can’t.”
    He knows these struggles, which is the reason why God said to Moses in Ezekiel,  “Tell them I AM sent you.” Exodus 3:14
    When Moses told God he alone wouldn’t be enough. Moses had so much going for him, in essence he was what we would call a powerful leader. He too, even felt down an out about his character.

   It takes enormous faith for some of us to get out of bed in the morning. To ignore all the Can’t, Couldn’t and Won’t. It’s good to look in our bibles and remind ourselves of God’s promises.
Isaiah 41:10

Month of Give 9&10-Keeping Warm

A lot of us collect warm ware. I have had a lot of jackets, vests an sweater thingies that just didn’t fit anymore. A lot of places have an abundance of homeless youth and young adults who are not only freezing, but struggling with their confidence.

   Collect some of your NICE jackets an ask yourself, “Do I need this more then this kid does?” If the answer is “no…” Go get to know the local homeless kids and teens. I promise you their stories are just as interesting as the park bench man.
If one family in every 3 churches adopted a foster child, there would be no more “family searching” teens. Even if you can’t adopt, be a positive force in someone’s life. Pray and think about the kids who ARE the future right now.

Month of Give Day Seven and Eight

I asked a former co-worker if she could really give to a local charity, who would she give to?
She told me about the Breast Cancer Survivors network in Fayetteville, GA. She had a daughter fight the good fight and said they were great help.
What reproductive cancers do to some womens’ confidence can be traumatic. I have dealt with my own regrets and sadness regarding not being able to have anymore children. Some women will struggle with not being able to breast feed or feel sexy in old dresses.

I am all about women feeling comfortable in their own skin.
If you’d like to donate

For day eight, I ask you to compliment a woman you know. Tell her how she greatly affects your life and how much you love her presence. Let her know she doesn’t have to do anything, just be. I am sure that blessing, will give to you as well.

Month of Give Day 4

When I was younger I had cancer. My son was very little an I know he probably never grasped why I was so tired all the time. My grandfather was battling cancer at the same time, he was my son’s favorite person. We were lucky enough to have a small community of people who hung tight. Some kids are not as fortunate.

This day of Give, I invited you to check out KidsKonnected. Kids Konnected

It’s a site to help kids who have a parent battling cancer or lost their battle with cancer. Check out resources around your local area or ask a local treatment center how you can volunteer to help some families. You never know how close to home it can get.

Dog Days of Fall

Hubby worked a staffing company last week so me and the boys (my son and the two pups) were on our own. They do not kid when they say Shihtzu are hard to train, but Kylo is only 10 weeks old. My son has been really great with both dogs and loves watching them play.

I believe Kylo has at least gained a pound an a half since he has been with us. He got medicine from the doctor man and the last dose of shots are in October. The new vet is really cool and couldn’t be closer to home. We can’t wait to go to dog parks and hope fall and winter are kind to us.


My son is doing better at school an enjoys reading now. I’m glad he has the option to get into books he wants to. I love home schooling.


I miss working, and hopefully find something to dig my heels in for night shifts full time. Pray, pray, pray! Trust, I’ve been applying!


Mission to Florida is still very real. Hubby turned 32 today an we all miss his daughter. That’s our goal, and we pray if its God’s will, He’s setting the path.

I hope everyone is great! What’s your favorite thing about fall? It’s our families birthday months!

Come as you are

The other day I drove around with my son to get errands done. We were listening to David Crowder and discussing Luke 15. My son said the song really touched his heart and he said “I think everyone feels that at some point, right mom?” I told him yes.
       As the song “Come as you are.” Played as we were driving around, I started crying. I haven’t pushed myself to be my best at anything, I struggle with feeling like I’m never enough to go around for the people I love. I struggle with depression from not seeing family in other states.

    I am sure I’m not the only person who has these struggles, but that didn’t comfort me. Resting and knowing I could lay it all down at the feet of Jesus. The humility of allowing yourself to feel something other than worry.
      At that moment I talked with my son, and he opened up to me, I felt like nothing else in the world was going on, except us praising God.

We must learn to praise even if all we feel is darkness. Let He who is Holy take your burdens. Come as you are, so He can show you how He loves you.

Whenever I feel a bit jealous

Of people with babies or small children, because I wish my son could have had a biological sibling. I see my pets two fuzzy faces, think of the financial strain my family is already in and my mind immediately refocused.

Cloud and Padfoot are both almost a year old. It really is like have two toddlers. Every time I move Cloud believes I’m going to feed him an if attention is not on him ( cutting fabric) he has to jump on it. Possibly risking both our lives with sharp scissors in my hands.

  V  Padfoot (joyful pup) has a mental break down if we leave the room longer than thirty minutes.
I know my actual, amazing child misses his step sister, like crazy. However his love for these two animals and the responsibility they teach him is worth it.


I thank God every day for animals and how they remind us of so many simple things. Character traits we lack or forget, like patience an unconditional love. Our furry family members are awesome.

Pushing Boundaries

I think I speak for a lot of parents when I say, I struggle with the ideas of giving my child the strongest start. Am I doing it right? How can I do it better?

I believe it’d be crazy if I didn’t have these thoughts. We all want the best for our children, not just survival, but THRIVING. This is why I chose homeschool to start with. As a family I want us to be able to pray, eat, learn and serve God the way we feel called. I didn’t choose home school to shelter him (sometimes I wish I could) but for him to have the freedom out of a classroom.

I love that he is what some people would call nosey. I fear an adore how quick he is to want to connect with all types of people. As much as the time at home will help him focus, the freedom to travel and have experiences mean just as much in his development.

Tomorrow starts our first day of homeschooling. As much as he will benefit, I pray we as a family will grow as well.
Grow closer to God
And to serving His Church.