Day of Give(up something)23

Everyone has bad habits. From picking at nails, pulling on hair, to overly washing our hands. I guess I can say I’ve been guilty of all these things. I’ve also had bad habits that cost me a great deal of money and time. When I saw I was missing valuable time because of this, I gifted myself,giving up.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Do I need this?” Or “Does ____ help me grow?” Often if the answer is no, I know I need to cut it out. ✂

Having free time with family and being mission minded with them, is way more valuable than my bad habits ever were.

What are your bad habits? What helps you stop them? Take time to love yourself and say
“Not today.”


Day of give 22-fullness

Thanksgiving is coming. Did you have breakfast? Did you have the opportunity to eat lunch? Many people do not. Volunteer at a local food pantry. Ask a family that budgets if you can buy them a pizza night. Talk to the homeless in your city,ask them what they’d eat if they could choose.

I promise it will make a difference.
feed the hungry

Month of Give 18

Today I want to talk about giving to your journey. Our family has this huge piggy bank an we add change to it every chance we get. Who knows how much it will be in the end, but we plan on using it toward the family longevity. This is what irks me when I’m at work and people say
“Keep the change.”

Every cent counts, and the people you can bless are endless. I like saving and clipping because I like giving tangible gifts to friends and family. Even if its a ” I saw this and thought of you.” Charities that cross your path or friends in need. Gofundme has tons of people that could benefit from your extra five dollars in nickels.

Please think about this while you’re Christmas shopping this year. Every penny counts.

Month of Give Day 14

It is with a sad heart that I even have to make a post like this. Due to the events in Paris, France I am posting about how we can help. I don’t know if this speaks to anyone, but just from cancer treatment, I had to have a blood donation. I wouldn’t be alive if people didn’t take 30 minutes out of there day to donate blood. I am incredibly grateful. At times like this, Paris needs those people.

The International Federation of The Red Cross started in Paris. If you are interested in learning how to help, go
International Federation of The Red Cross  .

I hope everyone’s loved ones are safe. I hope following these events we all learn to hold people a little tighter when we give our good byes.

Month of Give Day 13

I love water. I don’t feel thirst until my mouth and lips are dry. I am really caught up in taste for this reason. My favorite bottled water charity is Charity Water.  Go make a donation in honor of someone for Christmas!

My favorite water filter at home is Bobble . Up to 40gallons per filter, an its portability has made a lot of rest stops while traveling worth stopping. (I have an irrational fear of P.A.M ) I like all their options an I’m even kinda interested in their new coffee brewing system. My family members have all had their own and the filters are not overly pricey. Check bobble out at a store or the link above.

Think about how we just grab a drink and take advantage of the fact we can? Remember not everyone has the same luxury. I hope you have a great day and give LIFE on this month of GIVE day.

Month of Give 9&10-Keeping Warm

A lot of us collect warm ware. I have had a lot of jackets, vests an sweater thingies that just didn’t fit anymore. A lot of places have an abundance of homeless youth and young adults who are not only freezing, but struggling with their confidence.

   Collect some of your NICE jackets an ask yourself, “Do I need this more then this kid does?” If the answer is “no…” Go get to know the local homeless kids and teens. I promise you their stories are just as interesting as the park bench man.
If one family in every 3 churches adopted a foster child, there would be no more “family searching” teens. Even if you can’t adopt, be a positive force in someone’s life. Pray and think about the kids who ARE the future right now.

Month of Give Day Seven and Eight

I asked a former co-worker if she could really give to a local charity, who would she give to?
She told me about the Breast Cancer Survivors network in Fayetteville, GA. She had a daughter fight the good fight and said they were great help.
What reproductive cancers do to some womens’ confidence can be traumatic. I have dealt with my own regrets and sadness regarding not being able to have anymore children. Some women will struggle with not being able to breast feed or feel sexy in old dresses.

I am all about women feeling comfortable in their own skin.
If you’d like to donate

For day eight, I ask you to compliment a woman you know. Tell her how she greatly affects your life and how much you love her presence. Let her know she doesn’t have to do anything, just be. I am sure that blessing, will give to you as well.

Month of Give Day 4

When I was younger I had cancer. My son was very little an I know he probably never grasped why I was so tired all the time. My grandfather was battling cancer at the same time, he was my son’s favorite person. We were lucky enough to have a small community of people who hung tight. Some kids are not as fortunate.

This day of Give, I invited you to check out KidsKonnected. Kids Konnected

It’s a site to help kids who have a parent battling cancer or lost their battle with cancer. Check out resources around your local area or ask a local treatment center how you can volunteer to help some families. You never know how close to home it can get.

Month of Give Day Dos

I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart organ, COFFEE. I drink it almost every day an I’ve had it in almost every way but upside down (I’m trying to find the right cup.) What’s missing from main stream coffee companies is fair trade. Many farmers families go without due to unfair payments for their labor. These family do not have half of the luxury we take advantage of every day.

    I heard of the local coffee shop Queen Bee Coffee  when I was in a job search.


I read about what they were doing with their independent business an it made my heart smile. Not only were they brave enough to compete with big name companies, but they wanted to give. I don’t know, if you know, but BUSINESSES are expensive! They put quality, faith and trust in their farmers, their roasting and their brews.

It takes big faith, grace and a lot of prayer to do what they’re doing. If you want to have an eye opening cup of Joe and put your money where is GROWS
Follow this Queen Bee Coffee Company

And let the familia know you appreciate their small business.

Month of Give

Every day this month, I will have a link to give to a family, a pet or an organization. I’ll post how to invest in your family an its future.

” I don’t have much.” Is often the thought we all have. I agree I don’t have much either. I work retail an I try to supplement our income with
Tupperware website. I have a step daughter an a son, I know what it’s like to make 3 dollar dinners.

How can we ask of help from others if we do not also help?

My first Give this month is a pup named Molly. Her family adopted her because they didn’t see life with out her. Molly has spent a good deal in rescues without proper care and has a pretty decent medical bill. This medical bill might grow substantially and for this family, their pets are just like children.


I’m sorry if you can’t love that face, you are blind!
If you want to follow her story follow Noodle4President on WordPress. To give this girl some extra years, donate here
Saving Molly.

Let me know how you’re giving this month! Give me ideas 🙂