Day of give 22-fullness

Thanksgiving is coming. Did you have breakfast? Did you have the opportunity to eat lunch? Many people do not. Volunteer at a local food pantry. Ask a family that budgets if you can buy them a pizza night. Talk to the homeless in your city,ask them what they’d eat if they could choose.

I promise it will make a difference.
feed the hungry


Faith leaned on

Speak up positivity, fear is built up by society’s “tough shit” negative vibe.
You don’t have to be the negativity, you can own it, but you have to change your energy before your circumstances will change. I wake up every day with bodily issues, the days I wake up with a smile an a laugh are so much better than feeding the pain more ugly. Sometimes I need peace,prayer, and meditation, whatever it takes we can never be just
1 way. There is darkness, but there is, will, can be so much light.