Veggie Pasta

I’ve waited on getting a veggie pasta maker for awhile because I thought to myself I could just use a carrot peeler. Unfortunately for my wallet, but fortunately for my belly Ollie’s Market had one for 5.00 something with tax.


This made me do a Happy dance because I love pasta. Due to IBS and gluten intolerance, I can’t enjoy pasta without bloating & getting sick. After I got my pasta maker, I took hubby to the grocery store to pick up zucchini, cucumbers, olives and Italian salad dressing. After messing with the length and size of noodles I put together this awesome pasta!


If you like a little Crunch to your salad, we love Synders pretzels at our home.


These buttermilk ranch pretzels were on sale at Ollie’s for 1.89 a bag!

Italian Pasta Salad
1 Zucchini
2 Cucumbers
1 Carrot
A squeeze of Italian dressing
1 container black olives

Cut, Toss, Mix and Serve Cool

Give me some ideas on what you do with Pasta! I used left over organic veggies and chicken and gave my puppies an afternoon small snack(without pretzels, olives and dressing).
Padfoot and KyloRen ate it up! Yum!



The other day my son made me really proud. He saw beauty supplies store near our house and he said “What’s beauty world?”
I explained why people shop their and his response was
“I feel like that just hurts people, to tell them they’re not perfectly fine the way they are naturally.”
That made me so proud as a mom to be able to hear that from him. If I haven’t done anything right as a parent, he has proven that he has his own strong opinions of beauty.
With the video from Adina Rivers and her husband Oliver, I hope we can all she’d from fabric skin this week. Feel good in the skin your were born in.

Truth is

Tomorrow I go to get blood drawn to see what’s going on with my thyroid an if I am considered diabetic. I pray and hope that’s not the case, but I also know over the years I should have paid attention to health. We get wrapped up in trying to keep up with others we forget to keep ourselves whole.

I’ve lost my mind and my muchness as the mad hatter would say. Trying to give my son a “family” make sure he wasn’t in a bad public education setting and trying to keep up with what people said “I should provide for him as a parent.”
Forgetting to keep in mind my health has been pretty close to horrible after my cancer diagnosis. Surgeries and hospital visits…

I was so wrapped up in my son doing activities and keeping up with other people’s parenting. I have completely forgotten that he needs and wants me around. That he is happy with how his life is and he hates that I get upset when someone or something makes me feel bad as a parent.

I am going to be more proactive this year in preventive care. I may go back to an obgyn  (not sure I’m ready for that yet) . I know I need to be there for him, because I love him, and he’s my soul purpose to not giving up.

Forget keeping up with the Jones, I need to keep up with me and mine.

What my fasting has taught me

1. I have horrible vocabulary struggles. I know better.

2. I was made to believe in my abilities thru God. I should pray more

3. Pray more

4. Use discernment when it comes to people,trips,ideas.

5. Have Crazy faith

6. Do, even when you just feel like sleeping in

7. Rest

8. Read scripture more

9. Have time to yourself

10. Go to see a doctor

How’s shaping your year? Tell me about it.

Fasting Day 4-Vegas City

I was recently presented with a chance to care for a young dog battling cancer. I can’t imagine what he’s feeling. If he understands how much his owners love him. I know when I went thru treatment, all I could think was “God what is this fresh hell.”
I haven’t met him and his sister yet. His parents say he’s full of love and loves to play. When I pray about it, sometimes I ask God, why can’t we as people have animal type faith. We moan and groan about so little. Here is this pup who has no idea why life has changed, but he still plays and runs around. I am excited to meet Vegas and his family. I am humbled by the chance.

Gratitude for life takes on a new meaning every day.

Fasting Day 3 Growth

I am hoping to  make a life in 2016 that I don’t want to vacation from. These plans including road trips,camping, more dog sits and all around getting to know each other better. People in families grow and change. Our wants and dreams are different. I think together doing things we’ve never done before will be a great experience.
       Fasting until 1 has been different. I pick the time as far as I can go that day with my stomach condition. I’m praying for guidance on what I am called to do. Everything tastes different. Always when I fast when I have something to eat, I am bodily reminded to be grateful. Many go without food or water to drink an I am reminded to not buy that candy bar or soda because I can’t have it. Many can’t have it any day and would rather replace it with something their whole family can have. I plan to give more this year.

I hope you all have a new year where some mornings you can look like this…


And find rest in your start.

Remember we think about and pray for all of our friends online! Let us know about your new adventures! We enjoy them.


We have been crazy busy.  My son turned 8 on Saturday so I took him to Lego discovery and to the movies. I wish I had pictures but my phone crashed.  Now I’m on my previous phone and besides the huge size difference I really missed my note 4. We had a great time celebrating my little man,  I love him so much. He’s not a tiny baby anymore, but I’m glad he still wants to be around his mama. He made me cry because he said his best gift was a book I got him,qnd he could’ve said anything else. Kid has my heart.
     We went to tractor supply because going anywhere else for dog bones now just seems stupid. We got 4 huge bones (some for Christmas) for really cheap. When I say cheap,  I mean 10.00 usd. Crazy right?  Sorry Petco, Tractor Supply wins here. Padfoot and KyloRen are extremely happy with their L bones and have been pretty good and not trying to kill each other.

As for my love, he has been more help than I can put into words. He says I helped him put his life together, but he really keeps me together. I feel so bad when my migraines keep me in bed or my stomach keeps me locked away in a bathroom. This man has truly been a blessing to me, more than I let on sometimes. God has truly changed his life an I’m grateful.

I am doing okay, my son an I were down today with head colds and slept a lot. Which is why I am up at 2 am. Lol lol lol
I hope it gets better for Amir because our Florida trip is coming up soon an I know he’s excited to see his sister.

How are your holidays? How do you like to travel?

Day of Give(up something)23

Everyone has bad habits. From picking at nails, pulling on hair, to overly washing our hands. I guess I can say I’ve been guilty of all these things. I’ve also had bad habits that cost me a great deal of money and time. When I saw I was missing valuable time because of this, I gifted myself,giving up.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Do I need this?” Or “Does ____ help me grow?” Often if the answer is no, I know I need to cut it out. ✂

Having free time with family and being mission minded with them, is way more valuable than my bad habits ever were.

What are your bad habits? What helps you stop them? Take time to love yourself and say
“Not today.”

Day of give 22-fullness

Thanksgiving is coming. Did you have breakfast? Did you have the opportunity to eat lunch? Many people do not. Volunteer at a local food pantry. Ask a family that budgets if you can buy them a pizza night. Talk to the homeless in your city,ask them what they’d eat if they could choose.

I promise it will make a difference.
feed the hungry

Month of Give Day 10


Padfoot here! Today we celebrated my first birthday. I was almost surrendered to a pound. My mom was much too old to have a litter and my peoples didn’t want another dog. Luckily my mum and dad wanted me more than anything an I got a human brother, I love him.


I encourage you to look into pounds, rescues, etc and adopt a dog that needs a family. I even enjoy my fur bro


Give us Pound Puppies LOVE.
There is one of us for everybody, all we ask for is food in our bellies and warm arms got sleep in.
Want to help our American War Vets and their fur friends?
Dogs On Deployment

Thank you
❤ Padfoot Black