Fasting Day 4-Vegas City

I was recently presented with a chance to care for a young dog battling cancer. I can’t imagine what he’s feeling. If he understands how much his owners love him. I know when I went thru treatment, all I could think was “God what is this fresh hell.”
I haven’t met him and his sister yet. His parents say he’s full of love and loves to play. When I pray about it, sometimes I ask God, why can’t we as people have animal type faith. We moan and groan about so little. Here is this pup who has no idea why life has changed, but he still plays and runs around. I am excited to meet Vegas and his family. I am humbled by the chance.

Gratitude for life takes on a new meaning every day.


Month of Give Day Seven and Eight

I asked a former co-worker if she could really give to a local charity, who would she give to?
She told me about the Breast Cancer Survivors network in Fayetteville, GA. She had a daughter fight the good fight and said they were great help.
What reproductive cancers do to some womens’ confidence can be traumatic. I have dealt with my own regrets and sadness regarding not being able to have anymore children. Some women will struggle with not being able to breast feed or feel sexy in old dresses.

I am all about women feeling comfortable in their own skin.
If you’d like to donate

For day eight, I ask you to compliment a woman you know. Tell her how she greatly affects your life and how much you love her presence. Let her know she doesn’t have to do anything, just be. I am sure that blessing, will give to you as well.

Month of Give Day 4

When I was younger I had cancer. My son was very little an I know he probably never grasped why I was so tired all the time. My grandfather was battling cancer at the same time, he was my son’s favorite person. We were lucky enough to have a small community of people who hung tight. Some kids are not as fortunate.

This day of Give, I invited you to check out KidsKonnected. Kids Konnected

It’s a site to help kids who have a parent battling cancer or lost their battle with cancer. Check out resources around your local area or ask a local treatment center how you can volunteer to help some families. You never know how close to home it can get.

Medical Stuff

I still have to have an endoscopy done to make sure no damage is being done or has been done to my stomach, esophagus etc. The co-pay is 100.00
People with on going medical conditions really have to fork it out. Cancer an other illnesses don’t end at remission.

    There’s preventive care. I feel extreme sadness an I understand the feeling of hopelessness for people like me who couldn’t afford follow up care for awhile an I won’t once again after I lose insurance. I feel even worse for people that struggle to pay for treatment. I pray some day the cost of medical treatment and what people can afford balances out. 

Just something I’ve been thinking about. I understand doctors and nurses and medical staff are extremely over worked. What the good ones do, is priceless. I don’t discredit the medical field at all, my mom is a nurse. I couldn’t have made it without her and God’s mercy.

Luke 15