Hush it, Not much for prosperity gospel

I was listening to Joyce Myers an while I don’t agree with everything she says,she said something very profound. My husband an I have always had issues with people who had no problem speaking on what we didn’t do good enough(Now or in the past), or what we did wrong. We have great plans for 2016 and if it’s in God’s  will we pray our small family has freedom.

   I don’t expect things to be positive and flowers all the time. I am all for constructive criticism and HELPING someone move past hang ups that no longer exist or are dying. I will no longer accept any negative things spoken into my life or the ones I love. If you don’t have something nice to say, God bless it if it comes out of your mouth because you better be willing to help change it.

    Joyce said in her sermon
“Well God I stopped being negative and nothing good has rewarded it.” And she looked into the Word of God and felt his response was
“It doesn’t do any good just to Shut Up, you got to start saying The Right Things.”

My 2016 isn’t full of resolutions, it’s full of intent.

I pray and hope everyone has a blessed and Safe New Years Eve. Hope to see you flourish in 2016.



We have been crazy busy.  My son turned 8 on Saturday so I took him to Lego discovery and to the movies. I wish I had pictures but my phone crashed.  Now I’m on my previous phone and besides the huge size difference I really missed my note 4. We had a great time celebrating my little man,  I love him so much. He’s not a tiny baby anymore, but I’m glad he still wants to be around his mama. He made me cry because he said his best gift was a book I got him,qnd he could’ve said anything else. Kid has my heart.
     We went to tractor supply because going anywhere else for dog bones now just seems stupid. We got 4 huge bones (some for Christmas) for really cheap. When I say cheap,  I mean 10.00 usd. Crazy right?  Sorry Petco, Tractor Supply wins here. Padfoot and KyloRen are extremely happy with their L bones and have been pretty good and not trying to kill each other.

As for my love, he has been more help than I can put into words. He says I helped him put his life together, but he really keeps me together. I feel so bad when my migraines keep me in bed or my stomach keeps me locked away in a bathroom. This man has truly been a blessing to me, more than I let on sometimes. God has truly changed his life an I’m grateful.

I am doing okay, my son an I were down today with head colds and slept a lot. Which is why I am up at 2 am. Lol lol lol
I hope it gets better for Amir because our Florida trip is coming up soon an I know he’s excited to see his sister.

How are your holidays? How do you like to travel?

It’s December

It’s my second Christmas with my spouse, my first married. We have been thru it in the past year, but slowly things are coming together. Where were we Thanksgiving? Dog sitting some rather large doggies!


Aren’t they beautiful?  I wish their parents would ask me to walk them once a week, but their parents are pretty active folks. I love these dogs almost as much as KyloRen and Padfoot Black.

Speaking of KyloRen…
He decided to take a picture for the holidays!


KyloRen Santa edition! It’s so funny how fast he’s grown…. Time flies when your pup is having fun.

My son is turning eight next week so I plan on doing a lot of photo blogging. (Making Memories!) My niece will be two. I can’t believe it still! All my babies are moving too fast for this mama.
    I haven’t been able to Vape much due to being sick. (Got to love retail) an I can’t take a lot of cold medication because my liver is not up to snuff. 😦 I pray it passes soon.

How will your months be busy? Do you have a holiday tradition?


This is Link. He’s my miracle doggie, he got bloat one day and his grandma saved his life by noticing the small changes in his behavior. Thanks to her observance Link’s parents have had him 8 years. If you have a large dog ask your veterinary professional if you need to look into bloat prevention. It can save their lives!

Easy Cheesein’ Ham

I would like to thank everyone who participated, thought deeply and gave input on the month of give posts. I’m grateful for everyone who is following along in my growth with my family.

I decided to share a Mac N Cheese recipe.

Cheesein’ Ham
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup 1/2 cheese of choice
(I used Veggie Out cheese and sharp cheddar)
One an half cups Gluten free mac n cheese noodles

I boiled the noodles with salt (I like pink salt, but how you get salty is your choice. I also brought the coconut milk an cheese to a boil together.

While the noodles were being stirred by my permanent life partner, I whisked the milk and cheese together until when I pulled up on the whisk an it was a little string cheesey. Once the noodles were drained, hubby chopped left over ham. I add that to the noodles in the warm pot and whisked the cheese mix in with noodles and ham.

You can switch this up, make it vegan, make it more meaty. You do you, just enjoy your simple mac n cheese.


😋 yum..

Day of Give(up something)23

Everyone has bad habits. From picking at nails, pulling on hair, to overly washing our hands. I guess I can say I’ve been guilty of all these things. I’ve also had bad habits that cost me a great deal of money and time. When I saw I was missing valuable time because of this, I gifted myself,giving up.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Do I need this?” Or “Does ____ help me grow?” Often if the answer is no, I know I need to cut it out. ✂

Having free time with family and being mission minded with them, is way more valuable than my bad habits ever were.

What are your bad habits? What helps you stop them? Take time to love yourself and say
“Not today.”

Day of give 22-fullness

Thanksgiving is coming. Did you have breakfast? Did you have the opportunity to eat lunch? Many people do not. Volunteer at a local food pantry. Ask a family that budgets if you can buy them a pizza night. Talk to the homeless in your city,ask them what they’d eat if they could choose.

I promise it will make a difference.
feed the hungry

Day of Give 20

A friend of mine is a wonderful teacher. I met her at my retail job and her passion for teaching showed more than anything. I admire her love for kids. I wish she could adopt because I think she’ll be awesome mom. I am sure she is a mom to some of the people she teaches.

I wanted to share her Go Fund Me page. I know her heart is with her students.
Lets help end student homelessness. help Sam’s kids

Month of Give 18

Today I want to talk about giving to your journey. Our family has this huge piggy bank an we add change to it every chance we get. Who knows how much it will be in the end, but we plan on using it toward the family longevity. This is what irks me when I’m at work and people say
“Keep the change.”

Every cent counts, and the people you can bless are endless. I like saving and clipping because I like giving tangible gifts to friends and family. Even if its a ” I saw this and thought of you.” Charities that cross your path or friends in need. Gofundme has tons of people that could benefit from your extra five dollars in nickels.

Please think about this while you’re Christmas shopping this year. Every penny counts.