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New Blog

We are moving to so that the site can fit my other social media sites! If you want to follow us through please follow @


Thank you for joining us thus far!


About hippiefamilia

Dog handler, mom, cancer survivor,CNA, trying new things and meeting new people

2 responses to “New Blog

  1. I’m still semi new to the wordpress thing so I don’t get what actually changed or how the change made a difference? Someone once told me there was a and a and I didn’t get that difference either so if you have any more info, please send my way!

    • I have an Instagram and a twitter which will all be under the same handle of Hippiefamilia. Mainly so it all links together and the different pages don’t confuse people. I want to do a lot connecting all of my social media.
      I am not sure what is, it may be another blog network or a connected social media site. I have been on other blogging sites, I like how wordpress functions the best. I wish I could just bring all of my writing over to this site. Thank you for following us over! I got a lot to learn about wordpress too. 🙂

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