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We have been crazy busy.  My son turned 8 on Saturday so I took him to Lego discovery and to the movies. I wish I had pictures but my phone crashed.  Now I’m on my previous phone and besides the huge size difference I really missed my note 4. We had a great time celebrating my little man,  I love him so much. He’s not a tiny baby anymore, but I’m glad he still wants to be around his mama. He made me cry because he said his best gift was a book I got him,qnd he could’ve said anything else. Kid has my heart.
     We went to tractor supply because going anywhere else for dog bones now just seems stupid. We got 4 huge bones (some for Christmas) for really cheap. When I say cheap,  I mean 10.00 usd. Crazy right?  Sorry Petco, Tractor Supply wins here. Padfoot and KyloRen are extremely happy with their L bones and have been pretty good and not trying to kill each other.

As for my love, he has been more help than I can put into words. He says I helped him put his life together, but he really keeps me together. I feel so bad when my migraines keep me in bed or my stomach keeps me locked away in a bathroom. This man has truly been a blessing to me, more than I let on sometimes. God has truly changed his life an I’m grateful.

I am doing okay, my son an I were down today with head colds and slept a lot. Which is why I am up at 2 am. Lol lol lol
I hope it gets better for Amir because our Florida trip is coming up soon an I know he’s excited to see his sister.

How are your holidays? How do you like to travel?


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